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Keep, Board and/or Training invoices that have been generated for horses, using the Create Invoices screen, can be exported for use in 3rd Party Accounts Packages including Quickbooks and Sage.

Users should ensure that they have checked the accuracy of Invoices generated as part of the Billing Run to be exported. This will avoid incorrect data being exported into 3rd Party Accounts Packages.

In order to export Invoices to the appropriate Owner Accounts in a users 3rd Party Accounts Package a reference link must be created, as detailed below.

Link EquisoftLive Owner Accounts with 3rd Party Accounts
Users can establish a reference link between the Owner Accounts in EquisoftLive and their 3rd Party Accounts Package, for use during the export of Invoice.
The user should enter the 3rd Party Account Code (Sage) or Account Name (Quickbooks) into the Accounts Link field on the Owner A/C Details screen in EquisoftLive.
Users should ensure that they have correctly filled the Accounts Link field for all Owner Accounts in EquisoftLive that will be Invoiced.


Select Billing Date

Billing Date: (required) Select a previously run Billing Date from the drop down list. The list will only contain dates for Billing Runs which have successfully been committed to the Invoice History.

Select Format

Accounts Package: (required) Select the 3rd Party Accounts Package that is used. This will determine the format of the exported Invoices file.

A/R Account: (optional / required) Allows the users to specify the Accounts Receivable Account that will be used by the Export process. This option is only available if exporting to Quickbooks..


Clicking the 'Export Invoices' button will start the export process. The system will use the specified parameters to determine which Invoices will be exported and in which format.

The user will be given the option to download the exported invoices as a file to their local PC. This file can then be imported into the users 3rd Party Accounts Package.

Users can export the Invoices from selected Billing Runs as often as they wish. This may be useful if Invoices have been exported but the file has not been saved/downloaded or if the file has been misplaced.