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As the breeding season comes to an end there is a helpful tool in Equisoft Live which will automatically create Breeding records for the new season.

It will also calculate foal due dates, and update a mare status.

It will also progress the season in Equisoft Live forward by one year.

Step By Step Guide

To use this tool you simply have to follow the Wizard located in Settings > Miscellaneous > Mare Year End or simply Click Here

We advise creating a Database backup before continuing with this wizard (there is a link on this page to do this).

1 Mare Year End Menu.png

Step 1: Missing Details Check

After clicking continue a popup will appear. After examining your Mare details it might notify you that some details are missing.

If this is the case you should update these Mares before continuing. If all your details are entered you will just be shown continue button.

Click this to proceed to Step 2

2 Mare Year End Missing Details.png

Step 2: New Season Record Check

All your Mares will then be displayed in a table with their details. The wizards job is to create breeding records for the new season.

In most cases the breeding record will not have been created yet for the new season, and so most if not all of the checkboxes should remain unchecked.


If you have already entered records for the new season, you MUST tick the checkbox beside them for this step to retain the information you have entered otherwise it will be overridden.

Click continue to proceed to Step 3.

3 Mare Year End Existing Records.png

Step 3: Confirmation

A table is displayed with the current Mare status and the information that will be added to the new Season record (2014 in our screenshot example).

You can review this table and then click ‘Confirm’ if you are happy for the wizard to create the new Season records for you.

4 Mare Year End Confirmation.png

Once completed the wizard will inform you how many records were created and increment the season on your Settings window by 1 year.

You can view the new breeding records if you wish by looking at the breeding tab on each Mares page. e.g. New season record for 2014 for our mare Agent of Change

5 Mare Year New Breeding Record.png


We hope you find this helpful and save you some time in managing your breeding records.

If you have any questions please contact us using the support section on the website (located on bottom left of your screen when signed in)