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The Stallion section allows you to manage Stallions with in the system including Contracts and Reporting.

Main Grid View

Stallion Page - Main Grid View

The Stallion page is the first menu item listed under the Stallion menu section. Here, you will see all stallions listed by default. To search for a stallion, enter their name and press the ‘Search’ button. Unlike the main horse search page, this search is not automatically triggered after 3 search characters have been entered. To remove all search terms and reload all stallions again, simply press the ‘Clear’ button.

The search results are displayed in a tabular grid displaying Name, Terms, Fee, Type and Stallion Location columns.

The number of visible stallions per page can also be set at the bottom of the grid. You can select 10, 15 or 25 stallions per grid view and this setting will be remembered upon returning to this page in future.

Details View

To find more details on a particular stallion, select its entry on the grid to open the Stallion Details page by clicking on their row. This page is split into 4 sections – Main Details, Location, Stallion Details and Notes.

Stallion Page - Details View

Main Details

The Main Details section contains typical information common to all horses in the system including Name, Date of Birth, Country of Origin, Colour, Status, Breed and Sharing. Here, you will see a padlock icon beside the Stallion Name. If a stallion must be renamed here, this padlock must be unlocked by clicking on the icon. Any changes made here will be made system wide and so will also be visible when viewing the stallion’s record on the Horse Management page.

The Sharing option sets where the horse details will be shared:

  • Private: details will not be shared.
  • Client: will only be shared with the current owner of the horse through the client portal.
  • Public: basic details will be made available for you to use on public websites.


The location section allows you to record where the stallion is currently standing.

Stallion Details

This section stores stallion-related information including Default Terms, Fee 1, Fee 2, Groom’s Fee, Max Covers / Nomination Slots, Type and also includesa link to the Full Record on the main Horse Management page.

  • Default Terms: Specify the default Contract Terms to be used when creating Nominations. You can choose which terms are displayed by editing the default values in Contract Settings (Settings > Contracts > Terms).
  • Fee 1: Specify the default Fee for the Stallion. This will determine the number of Nominations that can be created for the Stallion per Season.
  • Fee 2: Can be used for creating Split Fee Nominations. Split Fee Nominations are only available if the Fee 2 is specified on the Stallion record.
  • Grooms Fee: Click on the Search icon to open list of options.
  • Max Covers / Nomination Slots: Specify the Maximum Number of Covers for the Stallion, or the Number of Nomination Slots available for use. This will determine the number of Nominations that can be created for the Stallion per Season.
  • Type: Select one of 5 default options – Breeding Right, Foal Share, Free Return, Mare Share or Sold. These can be changed, removed or new types added in the Contract Settings (Settings > Contracts > Types).
  • Full Record: A link back to the Stallion’s record on the main Horse Management page.

Stallion bank account

It is possible to set a bank account on a per stallion basis. This will overwrite the default bank account details when producing contracts for this stallion when the option is enabled.



Add a note for the stallion (maximum 1000 characters).