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The Daily Activity Input screen allows users to record all Vet Treatments, Farrier Work, Misc. Charges and Stallion Covers for Horses and Mares in the system.


The input process is the same for all types of daily activity:

  1. Select Horses
  2. Select and modify the Activity detail record
  3. Confirm the Activity record(s) and ‘post’ to the Activity History

Each of the 3 section on the Activity Input screen can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the Pin and UnPin buttons respectively. This provides the user with a less cluttered workspace, as each section can be "unpinned" or collapsed once it has been completed. It can be "pinned" or expanded again if a new selection is required.

Select Horses

Use the checkbox on left or click a line in the snapshot to select the horse or horses required.

The checkbox located in the snapshot header can be used to select all Horses. This portion of the screen can be unpinned and hidden by clicking the Pin.

The system will show the number of horses you selected in the heading of the section. The Horse List snapshot can be sorted by Horse, Colour, Sex and Class by clicking the various headings.

Clicking the 'Filter' button in the footer of the Horse List snapshot will show the filter options for the list. Using these selections the user can filter the Horse List based on individual Horses, Sex, Class, Current Location and the age of the Horse.

Activity Record Entry

Choose the activity type needed:

  • Vet
  • Farrier
  • Cover
  • Misc Charge

General Activity Input Fields

  • Code & Description: (required) Choose the Code required and the system will retrieve a relevant description as previously created in the ‘Settings’.

This description can be altered for all activity types except the stallion cover records.

  • Activity Date: (required) System defaults to today. Use the date picker to alter to suit.
  • Charge: If a default charge has been setup on the activity code record it will be displayed. The charge value can be altered as required to suit.
  • VAT/TAX: As above the default tax% will be displayed for the relevant activity code and altered where change needed.
Note: Enter a Note here to add more info to the activity or treatment.
Notes are not shown on any invoices.
  • Reference: Use this to record a source document number – e.g. Vet Sheet No.
  • Invoice Flag: If set and a charge value input, this flag determines whether the amount will be charged to the horse ownership.

Vet & Farrier Only Fields

  • Revisit Date: If a Diary Days value was entered on the activity code setup, the system will calculate a revisit date for use in the Activity Diary. You can override this and change to suit when the need arises. (Revisit date must be after the activity date)
  • Practice: Enter the Vet Practice, Farrier name etc. [More Information]
  • For information about Medicines Activities: Medicines

Miscellaneous Only Fields

No Practice or Revisit Date is required here, but this activity has an Owner Override facility that enables the user to charge a specific owner for the amount entered rather than refer to the current horse ownership.

  • Owner: Click the search icon and all the owners in the database will be shown
  • Refer: Can be used to record the reference of a recharged item
This is useful when the ownership of a horse changes and there are residual charges relating to the old ownership.

Stallion Cover Only Fields

We need to specify the Stallion used on the mare for the cover activity record. This will default to the Stallion if entered on her Breeding record for the season. It can be altered here.

  • Stallion: (required, only if Cover) Click the search icon and all horses in the database with a sex of ‘Horse’ will be shown
  • Ovulation Check: Click this checkbox to include the Mare in a Vet Diary in 2 days.
  • Covering Order: User can optionally enter a time or sequence 1, 2, 3, etc. of the covering
  • Cross & Return (Cross and Return covers are calculated automatically based on the below table)
Less than or equal 10 days Greater than 10 days
Cross Cover* Return Cover
Cross covers are denoted by an asterisk
Return Covers will show the value 1,2,3 for the Return Cycle value

Creating Contract (Available only with Stallion Module)

While entering the cover details, it is also possible to create a stallion contract by clicking the "Create Contract" button.

(Please Note: This option is only available if the user has the stallion module)


Adding to Draft List

When the desired Activity Input details have been selected, the user can click the ‘Add to Draft List’ button to add the input details to the Draft Check List.

When all your activity records are entered, you can hide the input section on the screen by clicking the UnPin button.

Review and Commit

  • Use the checkbox on left or click a line in the Draft List snapshot to select the Activity Items to be committed to the History records.
  • Print a Draft Check List by selecting items and clicking 'Print Report'
  • Edit items individually by clicking on the edit icon at the end of the item line


  • Select the activities you want to confirm
  • Click 'Confirm Selected Work' button
  • Review any duplicates